Life after College - Let the Real World Begin

Hi There! Can you believe it's nearly April A L R E A D Y???  Me Neither.

As I write this small post first of all to let you know; I'm still here and secondly to share that I've Graduated!  I've Finished!  Completed! Done! Finalized! Congratulated and Well Wished and I'm now faced with the Real World. Along with that are the inevitable Paying for the school loans and finding employment or self-employment to make it all balance and meet.. As we all come to grips with after graduation and the inevitable job search.  Where to begin, what do I want to Really do? What is going to pay the bills and not to mention the school loans? Decisions, Research, in-decision and more research. Every day is a new adventure trying to carve out my future. So as anyone who tries to make sense of it all and stay sane, fed and connected; what do you do to stay "tuned in, turned on, tapped in" to the flow of things?  Did you take "the job to pay the bills" or did you &q…

a. Welcome

Welcome to my first blog post of the newly rebranded Studio Z Imaging e-folio site. I'm so excited to share this next phase of development with this and future blog posts; so please like and follow to see where my adventures will lead.  As you'll see when visiting my website; my primary focus of photography is commercial level architecture, editorial and documentary images.  I also love expanding and challenging my creativity through exploration of various fine art techniques so you'll see them under the Exploration Projects link on this site. My plan is to post at least weekly with business topics, what's in my bag equipment discussions and tips, current projects and whatever else is going on in the world of photography that might interest you and let you know more about me and my work as a professional photographer. Interested in my credentials? Please visit my About the Artist page.  Thanks so much for visiting; I encourage your comments and questions. Would you li…